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As promised, here is the second part of the expectations


Coming back to school, it will be Summer order. To be fully clear, your kit should be as follows:

  • During school:

  • S95 zipped up and tucked in, and sleeves neatly rolled up to elbows. If sleeves are not rolled, they should be fully rolled down and buttoned.

  • You must be wearing a store-issued belt, or a plain black belt if you are still waiting to be issued one. 

  • Boots MUST be polished and boot laces should not be visible 

  • Long hair must be in a neat bun WITH a bun net 

  • You must be clean shaven, with certain exceptions 

  • Trouser ties must be tucked away

  • During parade:

  • Beret MUST BE moulded - only to be taken off when indoors.

  • If you have a beret, you must have a capbadge - see the QM (SCpl Buyondo) at the end of a parade if you don’t have one.

Any questions please ask

Cpl Maj George x

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