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The CCF is a partnership between the School (Sutton Grammar & Nonsuch) and the MOD. It is important to understand that the CCF only operates with the permission of the respective Head Teachers. It is subordinate to the School’s safe-guarding policy which can be viewed on the SGS' website here and, for Nonsuch, here.


Beyond this the CCF promotes and runs in accordance with the values of the national Combined Cadet Force Movement. It is ultimately these values that determine what we do; how we behave and how others view us.

All cadets are encouraged to embrace and promote these nationally set values in everything then do :

1. Selfless Commitment. Personal commitment is the foundation of service. You must be prepared to serve when you are required, and to do your best at all times. This means that you put the needs of others ahead of your own interests.
2. Courage. You must have the moral courage to do always what is right.
3. Discipline. To be effective, the CCF must be disciplined. The best form of discipline is self-discipline. Only that will earn you the trust and respect of your fellow cadets, and equip you to cope with the difficult, individual decisions that you will have to make during your service with the CCF.
4. Integrity. Integrity involves honesty, sincerity, reliability and unselfishness. It is an essential requirement of both leadership and comradeship. Unless you maintain your integrity, others will not trust you and teamwork will suffer. Integrity sometimes requires you to show moral courage, because your decisions may not always be popular. But it will always earn you respect.
5. Loyalty. The Nation and the CCF rely on your commitment and support. You must therefore always be loyal to your commanders, your fellow Cadets and your duty. If you are not, you will be letting others down.
6. Respect for Others. It is particularly important that you show the greatest respect, tolerance and compassion for others because comradeship and leadership depend on it.
7. Adherence to Law. All members of the CCF, whether cadets or adults, are subject to the civil law and have a duty to uphold it. In that respect they are no different from other citizens. Such laws establish the baseline for the standards of personal conduct of members of the CCF as citizens.

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