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Parade - 26th September

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Parade is as normal, and lessons begin for Y10 and Y11 this Tuesday.

For years 10+, your grace period for kit will have ended, so your kit should be perfect.

Girls - your hair must be in a bun, and nicely secured using a bun net - ponytails are not permitted!!

Boys - you must be clean shaven (no one wants to see your struggle beards). If, however, you're unable to shave due to religious reasons, then please let us know.

Any medical reasons for no kit (e.g. an injury preventing you from wearing boots) must also be provided.

For anyone who needs to exchange kit, please fill out this form here - without this form, the exchange can't be completed. Your kit must also be washed!

For those who have lost any pieces of kit, a form will be sent out soon to request replacements - from now on, you will have to pay a fee to replace any lost kit.

Finally, sections will now be put up in both schools - please check the boards as sections may have changed since last Tuesday. Also let us know about any name changes, or if your name just isn't on there.

Any problems, dm @gilespbm on insta

Cpl Maj George xx

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