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RAF Muster - 17th June - Briefing

There will be a briefing for all cadets going on the RAF Muster, at parade this coming Tuesday. Please ensure that you attend. I will be placing required forms to be completed on this blog over the weekend so please keep an eye out for those as you will need to bring them to the briefing.

All RAF cadets are going to be asked to attend parade on Tuesday for a short training session specific to the section, so the briefing will be held after that.

However, can I ask all cadets going on the Muster to send me their own mobile numbers - if you have mobile phones - for registration with the online management system now being used by RAF Air Cadets. Send them to my email - gmarshall@suttonmail. They will be deleted as soon as they have been used to generate an account for you on the online management system ("Bader").

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