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Year 9 Skill At Arms Training - 13 January

Year 9 cadets signed up for the Skill At Arms training on 13 January 2024 are asked to familiarise themselves with the following:

  • Attend SGS at 0800 on 13 January 2024 and form up in the playground as if for parade.

  • Wear your uniform: full MTP Combats with beret (if issued) as if for parade.

  • You must bring your own packed lunch, snacks and waterbottle to last you for the day (finishing at 1700)

  • Ensure you are familiar with the below diagrams and be able to recall named parts of the rifle.

If you are required to play school sport on Saturday morning, you must inform us by emailing us at and ensure you have arrived at SGS by 1100.

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