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Aviemore Cadets - Swimming Test Tuesday 18th (Tomorrow)

All L6th cadets going on August's Aviemore trip need to do the Basic Swimming Test tomorrow at parade time. This will be conducted at Sutton Grammar's pool, and start at 4.10pm. It is to be conducted in regular swimwear (see test requirements below). The test will be followed by the pre-Aviemore briefing.


3. To qualify for this certificate personnel are required to demonstrate Swimming Competence as follows:

a. Swim 50 metres without rest, using any recognised single swimming stroke.

b. Remain afloat for 2 minutes in a restricted area of water, with a maximum radius of 2 metres.

c. Exit the pool at a point where the candidate is out of depth without an aid. However, in locations where there is a considerable distance between the water and poolside, as found in some servicepools, some assistance may be given at the examiner’s discretion.

4. All elements of the demonstration are to be performed consecutively in the order shown above, in standard swimwear.

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