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Gliding on Sunday - Information

For the cadets who are going Gliding on Sunday, please note the following:

Please make sure you complete this medical form and bring it with you on Sunday morning.

You should also complete this consent form and bring with you on Sunday.

Please meet at Sutton Grammar School at 0700 hrs on Sunday morning (Greyhound Road/Sports Hall entrance). We will travel by minibus to Kenley airfield.

It is difficult to be precise with the return time, but 1630hrs is the expectation. Cadets should bring phones in order to update parents with return times once they have left Kenley at the completion of their gliding.

Dress is MTP, with trainers (no deep treads) as footwear.

Bring a packed lunch and drink/water as there are no facilities at the airfield.

The emergency phone number for use on Sunday morning only, is 07976 205702, which will connect you to Sqn Ldr Marshall

Please email me ( if there are any problems, or see me in school (SGS students).

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