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L6th/New U6th Aviemore Trip - Updates

There are so far no changes to the information provided in the linked letter below. A reminder to check the kit requirements, especially for the walking. The high mountain day on Saturday in particular will be a long one and can be quite arduous so all cadets are reminded to ready in mind and body for this! Any health issues must be notified to us before we meet on Friday. Please also note that the weather forecast is currently suggesting that Saturday will be wet; once we start the walk there is no quick route off, so a reminder that cadets need to bring good waterproofs - jacket and trousers - with them. Please advise us if you do not have waterproof trousers. We can bring spares and issue to you at the airport.

As we are no longer regularly checking the CCF email, please use the following mobile, which will connect you with Wg Cdr Hobbs - 07788 927136

The specific adventurous activity for Monday has not yet been confirmed, as it will be dependent on water levels, but the kit requirements for any of the options are the same and detailed in the letter. The provider for our activity is G2 Outdoors -

Luggage - please check the easyjet website regarding any cabin luggage. Hold bags must not exceed 15kg.

We will see you at 1030 at Gatwick's North Terminal. The officers meeting you there will be Sqn Ldr Marshall, Wg Cdr Hobbs, Sgt O'Dell, Flg Off Carter and Sgt O'Connell.

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