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November Camp

With camp just a few days away, we are keeping a close eye on the weather and will amend our camp plan if needed using our risk assessments.

I would however urge cadets to bring spare warm clothing, spare socks and even spare boots if cadets have them. Cadets will be provided with waterproofs however the trousers can come up large and if you're a smaller cadet and have some black waterproof trousers then please bring these as well. A small dry bags may also be useful if cadets or their families have them.

We will have use of drying rooms in the evening so could cadets please bring newspaper to place inside boots to help the drying process. Talc powder can also help to maintain foot health when it is damp.

A reminder as well that cadets should have a 3 season sleeping bag with them and a roll matt.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday morning at 0700 in full MTP kit.

Regards, Capt Ricky Kempton

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