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Parade - 14th November

Parade continues as normal. Year 9 SGS cadets should now all have kit - if you still haven't got any, or there are any pressing issues concerning your kit, then go to stores tomorrow lunchtime (Monday 13th) to get it sorted. Year 9 girls, you should all be receiving kit on Tuesday, so I recommend you bring a plastic bag to carry it all.

To anyone else who has issues with kit, PLEASE don't just walk into stores asking for stuff - we've made it clear that things like berets and belts aren't here yet, and anything else like lost kit/ exchanging kit needs to be done through the forms that I've linked in these posts multiple times now. Find it and fill it out. When said kit is available, the QM will email to let you know.

For year 9s, Both SAA training days are also up now - try and sign up to one, as this training is essential for many camps.

For the rest of you, kit needs to be perfect, with your boots polished. In regards to smocks, hoods should be rolled up, with toggles tucked in and buttons done up. I expect to see improvements this week.

Any problems ask your IC for the plan🗣

Cpl Maj George x

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