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Parade - 30th April

Parade and lessons continue mostly as normal.

A few kit points:

  • Those who have been told to collect a beret (check last week's post), please make sure you go to stores to receive one. This must also be moulded. If you're at parade and you don't, it will be assumed that you do not need one. Everyone else, you can start paying for berets from this parade (£10 - CASH only).

  • The majority of you are coming to parade and forming up with very poorly rolled sleeves. You were all given a tutorial by Major Kempton - free of charge! - so you fully have no excuse. If you weren't there, ask a friend who was, and just help each other out. The fold should be four fingers wide, and should come up to above the elbow.

Please can everyone keep the QM in their prayers as she goes through this extremely difficult period of injury (extremely minor wrist injury). Let's all wish for her speedy recovery!

Cpl Maj George x

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