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Weapon Handling Tests for those on Main Camp

All cadets who are attending our summer camp MUST have completed their weapon handling training and test. The test must have been completed in the last 6 months.

Please read the below very carefully and email if you are unsure.

Any cadet who has not completed any weapon handling training must attend the next 3 weeks (6, 13, 20 June) of parades. We will be running extra long sessions (1600-1800hrs) to ensure that you are able to complete the course prior to camp.

All other cadets who have not completed their weapon handling test in the last 6 months must attend one of the next three parades (6, 13 or 20 June) to complete the test. You should be ready to conduct the test at 1600hrs.

There will be no exceptions as it is a prerequisite for attending camp that you have passed your WHT.

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