Welcome to the new blog

It has been a difficult time for all of us since March, and many cadets could be forgiven for thinking of CCF as just some distant memory with no more resonance in the present.  But that would be too negative.  CCF isn't quite back yet, but a lot of planning is going in to readying the organisation to live again and provide its unparalleled training and activities.

We cannot yet give a start date for our renewed training.  Whilst the army is allowing face to face training to go ahead from October 1st, we also need clearance from our two schools for such training to commence.  On the camps front, no overnight camps will be considered until January 1st., and of course even that date is dependent on the public health perspective in the country as a whole.  Nevertheless, there is the prospect of day training in addition to our after school training, if everything can be readied and agreed.  So don't give up on it yet.  We are keen to get going again, and we know many cadets are keen to get training again.

There are some things that need doing however.  First and most important, we would ask all cadets in Year 10 and abovewww.suttongrammar click on the "Current Cadets" heading, and then either re-enroll with us or - if you are sadly minded to do this - fill in the Leaving Form.  The deadline to complete one of these is Friday September 25th.

Should you leave or stay?

We would urge you to think carefully about this.  Whilst we cannot be certain when we will re-start our training, we are certain that we will do so during this academic year.  It would be great to have all of our existing cadets carry on with us.  We are well aware that Year 10s and 11s in particular have only really had a partial experience up to now and haven't even managed to attend one of the summer camps.  If you still want to enjoy the opportunities offered by the organisation you joined all that time ago, come with us now as we rebuild the experience.  You are in many ways the new pioneers of the CCF.  If this is you, then head over to "Re-enroll" and get back on our books.  We look forward to working with you again.