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3 (Virtual) Peaks Challenge

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We recognise that during this lockdown period, the thing you have missed most is CCF. Here is your opportunity to get involved once again, get fitter, and, most importantly, do a good thing for a charity: the SSAFA. Some words on this from Wing Commander Hobbs can be found on the next post, but to summarise, the SSAFA provides lifelong support to serving men, women and veterans from the British Armed Forces. This challenge goes out to all cadets and OSCA members looking to do some good for the military.


There is a challenge in the Dales known as the Yorkshire Three Peaks. The challenge was created in 1887 by J R Wynne-Edwards and D R Smith when in just under ten hours they returned to the pretty Dales village in Horton – in – Ribblesdale having summitted the peaks of Pen Y Ghent (694m); Ingleborough (723m) and Whernside (736m) in a single walk. This sparked huge interest and the trail now sees over 250,000 visitors explore the Three Peaks each year. The route is some 39.2km and involves 1585m of ascent with the target time for completion being under twelve hours.

Together in sections, you will have four weeks to traverse the distance of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. That means each cadet must run or walk and average of 39.2km (a ten-cadet section would, then, have to together travel 392km). The winning section will be that which reaches this distance with an elevation closest to 1585m (once again as an average per cadet) and each winning cadet will be rewarded with a limited edition, never-before seen, SGS CCF polo shirt. Teamwork and strategy will be of the upmost importance, as well as bold sacrifices from the section members willing to run those extra kilometres to ease the pressure off their peers. Your mission will consist of 3 phases.


May 23 - June 12

In this phase, you will have 2 weeks to donate a minimum of 5 pounds to the SSAFA via the just giving link provided. This will constitute your application, but MAKE SURE to leave your full name, and, in the “leave a message” section, put the year group you are currently in. Don’t tick the box to keep ur donation anonymous unless you simply want to donate without participating. 

Make sure as many of your fellow cadets as possible are aware of the challenge as we will be relying on you, too, to spread the word. 

After 2 weeks, we will assemble a nominal roll, divide you into sections and announce these to you. You should then make any form of group chat you can, as you will be given a further week to strategise as a team. Remember, you are trying to maximise your elevation per km. Think about the best locations to achieve this, how far each section member is willing and able to run, which days will provide the best conditions etc. since after that week, phase two will commence.


June 13 - July 10

For this phase, you will need to have the app ‘Strava’ downloaded. There is no need for the premium version, the basic one will be just fine. You can use this app to track your distance whenever you’re out for a walk or a run, and send the screenshots to your section commander, who will DM them to the SGS CCF Instagram - @sgs_ccf . This account will be providing daily updates on each section’s progress, plotting the distances on a map of the three peaks themselves, as well as documenting any extraordinary individual successes that day. This phase will last four weeks. Any cheeky attempts to drive or cycle will be met with severe distance penalties, as well as a lot of disappointment from all the 100ths.


July 11

Whilst there are of course no losers in the SGS CCF, in this challenge there can be but one winning section - the one which reaches the target distance with an elevation closest to 1585m per cadet. The section rankings will be announced, and the prizes for the winning section will be hand-delivered by our own officer team after they thoroughly sanitise their hands.

So, let’s see those donations coming in, and we wish you luck in your challenge.

Corporal Major Chris Vincent

Warrant Officer Jude Martin

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