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Flying on Thursday - Update

Updated: 2 days ago

For the cadets already advised (and named below), please note the following about flying on Thursday.

  1. We will travel by minibus to RAF Benson. MTP clothing, bring trainers in case required. Meet at 0900 at the minibuses (Riddhi meeting minibus outside Nonsuch with Ms Geraghty c.0915)

2. I recommend bringing a packed lunch and/or snacks, plus something to read when not flying.

Please can you make sure you bring the blue ID forms * and one of the Medical forms detailed below:

Medical Form(electronic version, but to be printed on completion).

Please also bring this consent form, duly completed.

* Do not worry about Blue IDs if you do not have them; please make sure you bring consent and medical forms.

Return time to SGS is c. 7pm

Cadets attending - Aranan Thievendra, Michael Chuguev, Riddhi Patel and Varun Vijay.

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