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New Recruits Camp - Change of Dates

Unfortunately, for reasons out of our control, we have been forced to re-arrange the forthcoming New Recruits camp, previously scheduled for 28/29 January 2023.

As you will be aware, we had intended to take the new year 9 cadets to an army training camp in Folkestone. Accommodation at this location is no longer available.

We are therefore rescheduling the trip to 17-19 March 2023 (please note that this includes a Friday departure) and will be running the trip at Nesscliffe training base in Shropshire. Departure will be after school on 17 March, and we will endeavour to return to SGS late afternoon on 19 March.

Of course, we understand that the new dates will not work for everyone. If your child can no longer make the rescheduled trip, please contact us as soon as possible and we will arrange a refund. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that your child is available and intends to attend the rescheduled trip.

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