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October Camp Roll

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

The final roll for October camp can be found here.

For the information of parents (cadets have all been informed at parades about this), not all applications to the October camp have been able to be accepted and we have had to produce a final attendance list that is not wholly driven by the timing of applications. This is because after drawing up our initial applicant list, the Defence Estate whose training areas we use imposed further cuts on our numbers. At the moment, we have been told that the training areas are under considerable pressure of use, and unfortunately CCFs are at the bottom of the priority lists. For a large unit such as Sutton Grammar's, this situation is significantly curtailing our ability to offer the full camp experience as widely as we would like. We will of course keep this under review in the hope that we can be given more places as the year goes on, but I would emphasise that we have little agency in changing allocated numbers.

Given the above information, we will not be responding to individual enquiries about why cadets may not have been successful in making the final roll. We have used a variety of factors, both individual and collective, as far as we can, but this is not a precise exercise; it is one which has been reluctantly imposed upon us and there will always, sadly, be disappointment in the result. All officers are volunteers, their time is already severely constrained by the demands of camp and MOD administration and I'm afraid we simply wouldn't have the time to discuss individual cases, for which my obvious apologies.

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