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Parade - 16th January

Parade and lessons continue as normal. It's set to be very cold this week, so some of you will probably be wearing extra layers. A reminder that these should be dark, and shouldn't be visible under your smock. Anyone seen with a hoodie on will be given a kit mark and told to remove it.

A large number of girls have been spotted with poor hair, or buns with no bun nets - this is a reminder that girls need to have their hair in a bun at all times, and this should be secured with a bun net. Bun nets are a part of the kit, and anyone seen without one will be given a kit mark. Boys, you must also be clean shaven, unless there is a reason for you not to.

Year 9, a reminder that you will be receiving some parts of the kit this Tuesday (webbing and water bottle). Do NOT try and wash the webbing. Water bottles have been washed but you can wash them yourselves if you want. This needs to be packed in your bag for camp - don't forget yours because we don't have any spares.

Detentions for this week are:

  • Arya Alapati

  • Leona Birahinduka

  • James Zhang

  • Adam Wiechecki

  • Aman Janagam

  • Faiza Ilyas

  • Phoebus Yap

  • Hana Shaw

  • Tanvi Sharma

  • Olivia Warren

  • Johan Kota

For future reference, if your name is on the list and you're present at parade but don't attend your detention, another one gets added to the list. Every missed week is one extra det.

Any issues snap @fb_2517

Cpl Maj George x

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