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Parade - 18th October

Parade continues this week.

Remember your notepads and pens for lessons as usual.

There will be a briefing for the November camp in room 49 following this week's parade. Please attend the briefing if you are booked for camp.

A reminder to all Year 9 cadets who have received kit (other than those doing PT) that it should be worn as follows:

- dark coloured t-shirt and MTP jacket tucked into MTP trousers

- MTP smock on top with all pockets zipped up and hood rolled (if you are unsure of how to do this you will be helped at parade)

- Polished black or brown parade boots which can be purchased from or army surplus stores

- Boot laces and trouser ties should be tucked in and not visible

All Year 9 cadets - whether they have been issued kit yet or not - should be ordering boots as soon as possible so that they can be worn as soon as they are issued kit. If cadets do not have boots for this parade, they may wear trainers for this week.

C/Maj Stone

S/Cpl O'Keeffe

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