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Parade - 23rd January

Parade and lessons continue as normal. It is still very cold, so once again, if you choose to wear layers, they should be dark and shouldn't be visible under your smock. No hoodies either.

From now on, any cadet seen with their hair down, and not in a bun (with a bun net) will be given a detention for that day, and will have to attend the kit detention after parade. It really isn't that hard of a task and the fact that so many people are incapable of following this simple rule is pretty embarrassing.

Well done to all Year 9s that attended the recruits camp, I hope you all had a good experience for your very first camp. Ensure you get some rest and are ready to go for next parade. Can all cadets who didn't return all their kit today please do so on Tuesday.

Detentions for this week are:

  • Leona Birahinduka

  • Karnika Mayurathan

  • Romy Bedelian

  • James Zhang

  • Adam Wiechecki

  • Aman Janagam

  • Faiza Ilyas

  • Phoebus Yap

  • Hana Shaw

  • Roshan Murugupillai

  • Safiyyah Carrigan

  • Marcus Nyirenda

A reminder that if your name is on the list and you're present at parade but don't attend your detention, another one gets added to the list. Every missed week is one extra det.

Cpl Maj George x

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