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Parade - 30th January

Parade and lessons continue as normal. Starting Tuesday, we are going to trial an earlier finishing time for parade - this will be a 1715 end, instead of the usual 1730.

A reminder that girls should have their hair in a bun, with a bun net, at all times whilst in kit - this includes during school. I don't understand why a lot of you (not just girls) seem to be unable to comprehend that perfect kit also needs to be worn during school hours. If this is a serious issue though, let me know and alternate non kit wearing solutions will be provided x

Detentions are for the following people:

  • L. Birahinduka

  • R. Bedelian

  • T. Singh

  • J. Zhang

  • A. Wiechecki

  • A. Janagam

  • F. Ilyas

  • H. Shaw

  • R. Murugupillai

  • P. Yap

Any problems, ask the Boots meal deal final boss.

Cpl Maj George x

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