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Parade - 3rd October

Parade and lessons continue as normal. Make sure you know your sections!! I expect to see everyone with notepads and pens, NOT phones. No notepad &pen counts as a kit mark. Year 9s, your first lessons are this Tuesday. Make sure you also have notepads and pens. Flt Sgt Fernandes (UwU) and SCpl Han will be checking all of you...

Kit is still looking horrific, and needs to be improved. Even if you're missing parts of kit, you can still make what you have look good. Kit marks are being issued, now at school as well as during parade.

You still have until the end of today to complete the beret, badgecap, and belt kit form, which can be found here. After today, you will not have any chances to do this again. Don't bother asking when you'll get them, because we don't know either.

Any issues, Contact SNCO 17.

Cpl Maj George xx

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