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Parade - 5th December

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Parade and lessons continue as normal. It's getting very cold, so some of you may be wearing more layers - a reminder that these must not be visible below your smock, which should be on and zipped up at all times. Dark coloured fleeces/ base layers are allowed, but no hoodies. Hoodies cannot be worn during school - if you are seen wearing a hoodie, you will be automatically issued a kit mark and will have to take it off. Year 9s doing PT, it is way too cold for just a skort/ shorts. You need to either wear leggings under your skort, or tracksuit bottoms - only a skort / shorts is not permissible in these conditions.

Year 11 Nonsuch, it's come to my attention that you have mock exams now. A reminder that your MOI tests are also this week, and I would personally and professionally advise that you don't miss them. I'm not saying that you need to put CCF over your studies, but what I am saying is that I repeatedly have and I'm still the epitome of intelligence. And even if you choose to stay home and revise (wrong thing to do), please do so effectively- no point burning yourself out before the real ones even happen!

Message from the QM:

"Year 9s, for the foreseeable future, stores is closed for any exchanges of ill-fitting kit. Whilst we wait for the order of belts, you can wear your own."

A reminder for those of you who have kit detentions, that this will be taking place after parade. Please let your parents know that you will be leaving later than normal, especially if you usually get picked up after parade. Once again, the people are:

  • Leona Birahinduka

  • Agam Dutt

  • Kci Mbanugo

  • Taha Patel

  • Tanzil Sorwar

  • Aaron Sathees

  • James Zhang

  • Patrik Ursica

  • Adam Wiechecki

  • Nishan Sivaneshwaran

  • Aman Janagam

  • Faiza Ilyas

  • Nirvana Sherchan

  • Phoebus Yap

  • Hana Shaw

  • Tanvi Sharma

  • Roshan Murugupillai

Keep on Pushing 🅿️(ositivty ofc).

Cpl Maj George x

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Cadetus Bestus
Cadetus Bestus
Dec 04, 2023


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