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Parade - 9th January

Happy new year everyone!

Parade and lessons continue as normal. Year 11s, due to MOI being held for all of you at the same time, I have redone your lesson rotations. Please check before parade what your lesson rotation is to avoid any confusion/ being in the wrong place- it will be updated in school.

There's been some minor confusion within the two army platoons (Fountain and Morgan). To combat this, the platoon rolls have been reprinted and put up in both schools. Please check these to confirm which platoon you are meant to be in, as once parades start back up, if you are found to be in the wrong platoon during registration, you will be marked as Unauthorised and that won't change. If you check the lists and your name isn't in either platoon roll, or you see someone who has quit, please let me know ASAP.

There will be a camp briefing for all cadets coming on recruits camp. This means that you will be leaving school at a later time than normal - please let your parents know, especially if you are being picked up.

Kit detentions are starting back up, and this now includes Year 11s as well. This will take place in room 45. The cadets are:

  • Leona Birahinduka

  • Kci Mbanugo

  • Taha Patel

  • James Zhang

  • Adam Wiechecki

  • Aman Janagam

  • Faiza Ilyas

  • Phoebus Yap

  • Hana Shaw

  • Tanvi Sharma

  • Roshan Murugupillai

  • Olivia Warren

Let's keep morale high this year - don't let it drop like the Wilko scaffolding...

Cpl Maj George x

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