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RAF Muster - 17th July

We have been given 16 places for the RAF Muster at RAF Benson on Saturday 17th July.

I will initially accept requests from RAF cadets in Year 10 and above. The event is free of charge, but cadets must not apply unless they are committing absolutely to attending. Any withdrawals without exceptional cause could result in denial of future camp applications.

The description we have for this event is this:


The National Muster is being held at RAF Benson on 17 Jun 23. Supported by Air Cmd, the RAFAC Muster is to provide an opportunity for RAFAC ATC and CCF(RAF) cadets to participate in air experience flying (AEF), RAF Force Element capability demonstrations and interactive RAFAC activities to inspire the RAF’s Next Generation of today, tomorrow, and beyond. 2.

Due to travel constraint management, the National Muster will offer the opportunity for 2,000 ATC and CCF cadets and CFAVs to meet supervision ratios within a 2–2 ½ hour radius of RAF Benson. Due to the number of cadets attending, priority will be given to those who have never flown and therefore not all will get the opportunity to fly.

I will accept applications to attend by email to The email subject heading should just be "RAF Muster, Benson", and the email should state briefly why you would like to be considered for a place. You should give your name, age and rank.

The deadline for application emails is this Friday, May 12th, after which the event will be opened to Year 9 RAF should there be places remaining.

Sqn Ldr G Marshall

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