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Weapon Handling Tests for Year 9 Cadets who attended the training day on Saturday 9th March

Below are the dates that cadets will have their tests on.

Cadets will be taken out of their normal parades for the week they have the test for some revision training before the tests start.

Please advise your parents that you may be late home the week you have your test.

If you cannot attend the week allocated, you MUST contact us. You will not be allowed to use the rifle on exercises or on the range until this is done.

Please inform your fellow cadets to check this notice.


Maj Ricky Kempton

Tues 26th March

Aarav S

Aarush K

Ahin S

Ajin R

Akshat S

Akshath S K

Archit S

Bowen C

Edie R

Edwin J

Emilia P

Esah K

Finlay C

Hannah McG

Hayden L

Tues 16th April

Hayzar S

Hugh D

Ishaan V

Jake H

Joel B

Kang Nan L

Kartik M

Keshini R

Leyla S


Lucas T

Mahi C

Marcus N

Misty W

Mohammed Mohsin B

Tuesday 23rd April


Neury H

Xulun H

Niharika G

Nherike C

Olly T

Prenavi P

Rayyan A

Richard B

Rohit M

Sachin M

Safah M

Sarvin G

Scarlett L

Shanelle R

Tues 30th April

Shívaani S

Stephen S

Svamin J

svanik J

Tanay J

Tashif K

Tim R

Vatsal B

Vikrant M

William Y

Yaseen S

Zion L

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