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Parade - 12th December

Parade and lessons continue as normal, except for Year 11s. Year 11, you are officially on exam leave for this week, so no need to come to parade

A reminder that all cadets in Year 10+ MUST fill out the kit form with their sizes, which can once again be found here. This is compulsory, and if this isn't completed by the deadline (Tuesday 12th), you will have to stay after parade to complete it. This includes Year 11 - being on exam leave doesn't prevent you from completing this, and failure to do so means that you will not be involved in the Christmas Parade. There are no excuses to not do it, as it literally only takes a minute.

A reminder for those of you who have kit detentions, that this will be taking place after parade. Please let your parents know that you will be leaving later than normal, especially if you usually get picked up after parade. The people are:

  • Leona Birahinduka

  • Aman Janagam

  • Hana Shaw

  • James Zhang

Year 11s with dets, these will take place when you return.

Any issues snap @laura.buyo

Cpl Maj George x

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