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Parade - 19th Decembrrr

Its time to branch out - for once, parade and lessons AREN'T continuing as normal... Next parade will be the annual Christmas Parade, and we have quite a few activities wrapped up for you. For this to happen, we have put all of you in sections, which will be up shortly. Year 11s, check your emails too.

In order to ensure a smooth-running Christmas Parade, form up time will be 10 minutes earlier, at 1600. A reminder that SGS cadets therefore need to be present at school for that time, especially if they decide to go out; and Nonsuch cadets, you are expected to arrive at this time also. 1600 used to be the form up time and this was met weekly, so it's definitely possible for the rest of you. We expect full attendance next week - no absences without a valid Claus...

Another reminder that you must fill out the kit form if you still haven't - it is linked here. Even though it's stated pretty clearly at the top, this is NOT a kit request form, but a form to input the kit you currently have. If you've filled it in incorrectly then we will still go by what you've done, meaning that if you've said "yes" to having a beret when you don't, Yule receive kit marks until you buy the kit. And as we now know, stocking up kit marks means detentions - so make sure you check the list and check it twice.

New kit is (finally!) arriving in stores, so if you are missing a beret or belt, we will start to let you know when you can come to stores to receive your kit. In other words, DON'T show up for it unless told to, or you'll be sent away with coal. This will also be based off of the form from the beginning of the year, so if you didn't fill it in but need kit, you will have to pay (cash only).

Have a tree-mendous weekend!

Cpl Maj George x

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