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Parade Tomorrow and Weapon Handling Tests Amendment

Further to our previous post, tomorrow's parade works as follows:

  1. Those cadets going on Main Camp who have not yet undertaken any Weapon Handling Training should attend in uniform for the first of three WHT lessons. These will run from 4pm to 6pm on each of the next three Tuesdays. This mainly affects cadets in Years 9 and 10 (see note below about identifying yourselves).

  2. There are a number of cadets who need to do their Weapon Handling Tests as their previous one has now expired. If you are not currently pursuing public exams and are in this group, you must attend for the WHTs tomorrow, from 4pm. These will likely last until 6.00pm, but this depends on your proficiency! (see note about list below). Any Year 11 or 13 students who feel they are able to attend tomorrow are also welcome of course, but see note 5 for alternate date. Exam revision can be undertaken beforehand in the school library prior to the tests and preceding revision.

  3. L6th instructors - It will be helpful to have some weapons-proficient L6th instructors to be on hand to assist with the lessons. If you can help, please turn up in uniform for a 4pm start. I will also take the opportunity at parade to brief any L6th present, who are going on the Yr 10 weekend, about requirements from the L6th group, which they can pass on to others. Timing for briefing to be confirmed at parade.

  4. The full list of cadets on Main Camp, together with WHT status, is here. "EXP" means your test has expired and you need to do your test before the camp. "Not taken" means you will be one of those cadets who have not yet done the lessons, so will be attending the ones starting tomorrow (see above).

  5. Alternative dates for taking the WHTs that were set out in the previous post have had to be revised. Thus, anyone in Years 11 and 13 who cannot attend tomorrow's tests due to public exams, will be taking their tests on the Saturday morning of our departure for camp - we will advise timings for this in due course.

  6. Queries and clarifications should be emailed to

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